• Yukiko Sakata

5 Reasons Why Listening Matters Now

People tend to like to speak more than listen, (although it depends) especially when they are excited about what they would like to express. It takes energy and courage to gain input because you have to have enough capacity for that. As opposed to that, speaking is more natural in this modern life where things around us constantly fill us in with the flood of information. We take in a lot and a lot, therefore we express a lot - and sometimes we don't even know or cannot even tell if what was said from our months are truly original of ours anymore. We care about copyright and creator's right, but looking at how chaotic information exchange could ever be, and if the world situation is telling us that there are not that clear boarder-line between us or our properties outside of economically standardized territories to begin with, what can we do now - gain more power of input and master your human processor to craft your original world.

So we live under the flood of information – this itself, however, can also be the reason why listening is far more important than any other time in our history!

Here are the fundamental reasons why listening matters now:

We are living in the information age. The flood of information is the fundamental source energy of this society now – the news, the know-how, the trend, the expertise, the knowledge you get from search engines…your capacity for new information can be assumed to be less than those who lived in different age in our history.Communication is based on two ways – without listening, you are only pursuing one way verbal shooting. In order to communicate, a speaker must has what she wants to tell to the listener, understood to him/her. For a listener, the first process of listening and understanding of what was conveyed to her are very important. Once those pieces of information have been accepted and gotten through to his/her mind/heart, you may say that the communication has been made successful.Diversity and Richness – The diverse society and all the different expertise, wisdoms and experiences we get from the mix, are what we have as benefit. At the time when the first conversation or any information exchange has done successfully, a listener doesn’t know if the information is important for him/her yet – so many people stop listening when they find out that the information given is not something that matters to them. But you cannot do that in the era of diversity. There should be as many ways of speaking and communicating as the number of people on the planet. When the great historical Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi was challenged, his peaceful response opened a door to a new age. In a broader definition, this could be also called communication. And without a deep understanding of what the other one is doing to you and how your action will impact, your communication would not be success. But once it succeeds, it is our treasure.There is other information you get except for the information per ce. Even if the topic itself is not interesting to you, there are numbers of information you can get that are not verbally spoken to you. For example, you will understand how the person speaks, how he thinks about certain topics, how he is feeling about certain events/things, etc., etc.. This process would then lead you to learn about the person, to consult him/her in more effective ways, to gain more knowledge and expertise about human communication, and his/her interest and reactions.Information comes to those who do good jobs – this is a basic of working. People need you to know something, or the society needs you to know something, because you are capable of unknown tasks that you might not be aware of.

For example, you are listening to the lecture and have some questions. Without knowing the rule of the class or the rules around q&a, you will end up not getting the right answers to clarify your questions to move on to the next level. If you are a sales representative and would like to propose a new idea, and if you do so in a way that you do to a different target clients, your communication and presentation will not make sense, therefore no matter the content is good, it will be a waste of time for both of you. That will then leave a fatal loss of opportunities because it gives negative impression of you not being able to provide what the clients want, and you not caring them because you do not listen. This is scary. You cannot get away with it just by saying, “I am not good at listening.”! You must be able to listen, otherwise you will be perceived as someone who does not care about the speakers or the topics. Then that will cause further problems such as any more related information for people like you such as events and knowledge that would be useful to you will not come to you because you have left a negative impression. I have done that, and I do not want you to do the same.

All in all, the world is consist of what you could ever see, feel, hear and accept. The greater your listening capability and capacity are, the better quality your life can be lifted up to. So we ought to listen to what the speaker has to say to us, and accept the universally harmonious way of your soul conducting natural information searching where you are the source energy of the world you live in.

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