• Yukiko Sakata

An Innovative Way To Deal With The Worst Feelings

When desperate, sad, lost, empty, it feels harsh and often we get upset. But being upset wouldn't usually recover anything about it, besides, at least it is a part of our self-expression and better off being let out. Here, I explain how to stay neutral and take advantage of the most harsh feeling like the ones we feel like crying out for many days for example. It's nothing robotic, and is doable by yourself. Because the idea of "having to ask for a help from others" also could be the mindset from others is restricting your own power to take over your own world.

Think of any emotions as a heavy ball that push you back to where it started.  - Emotions aren't something that represent yourself, but are there because of the chemical response to certain events in connection with how you perceive it. For example, even if you are allergic to something, you are not a person that can be described just with the allergic reflection. Emotions could get you to do something, but that's not you.Let's tear off our emotions that are putting us down to where we don't want to be. - We can affirm that we are happy even though we don't feel so, and by getting to the emotional happiness with satisfactory feeling, we can let go of the bad feeling that had been controlling you to feel that you deserve to be at the place where you are not happy. Another way, let's focus on getting over the addiction to the sadness. We can live without it and it's okay that we live without it.Observe yourself with the emotion that is giving you the circumstances you feel like that with. For example, instead of being in that emotion, e.g., feeling upset for having less candies than others, watch yourself with the eyes of love from the top of yourself with such emotions. It is like, "I am feeling upset about the number of the candies I got, looking at others having more candies that almost convince that I don't deserve them or have been treated unfairly. I am surrounded by the emotion, which is putting me down so badly that I am desperate. I am frozen feeling desperate when other are feeling joyfully about their candies." This will peel off the screen made from your mind and heart to hide the reality of love from you.Try to get back to yourself than the event with yourself convinced to have such emotions so that you are hopeful again. Nobody knows what the universe is. You only have the information that your senses can take. You don't know what this means, nor what this is. The fact is that you exist, which is great enough.Right after you get back from the illusions that pushed you the emotions that make you feel miserable about yourself, fill yourself in with the biggest love you can get yourself. It could be the affirmation or positive thoughts to "educate" you that you deserve to be super happy getting everything you desire.Thank the encounter with the harsh feeling and celebrate it as a moment to meet the new side of yourself. Be careful not to exclude it from your personality. This emotion has happened to you. Even if it differs from the characteristics that you think you are, love and accept it as a new you.Adjust your best vision of your life with the parts if necessary. It is fortunate to be able to know what one wants to become in the future. Many of us don't know and often drive toward the wrong goals. Since everything is your resource, take in this harsh event not as a sad memory but as a new encounter, and renew the image of your dream.

 The chances are that the events that make you feel such emotions could be driven to cause by the parts of yourself that needs to be recognized by yourselves. The recurring desperate feeling could be one of them. Even if you don't feel like moving forward in this material world if you take the above process, it still is the best compared to having yourself causing the worst situation by yourself who just don't like to see the other side of you.

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