• Yukiko Sakata

How To Thrive In Competitive Workplace With Strong Emotional Conflicts

Staying and being in touch with someone you don’t like at all wouldn’t get you a great human relationship environment if you haven’t grown up enough to the level where you really are independent mentally, emotionally and materially from all the judgment from anyone. It especially makes it difficult to focus on what you want to prioritize for your future to get along with someone who doesn’t believe in your idea. 

It is not just the above case but in any case, in general, it is important to have close trustworthy relationships within your personal and professional lifestyle. If one fails to do so, he or she will have to stay alone or to deal with something that he or she doesn’t want to waste time on. In other words, the deep understanding and cooperation are necessary for human beings to be able to grow.

Because we fundamentally desire to live and belong to some social groups in the way they can live better lives, everyone wants his or her group to be cooperative to him, which is usually difficult in the reality for the diverse purpose we all have. To cooperate with each other in such circumstances, one must sacrifice his or her time and energy to the other members. This can be solved by good team-work, but also cause the member to have unnecessary human relationship bindings, which usually gives everyone a room to dislike each other. Then the team becomes the group of survival rivals. In such survival game, members don’t have to cooperate with each other, which ironically weaken one another as well. This can cause the delay in his or her goal achievement and create a dilemma.

Here is the better way to solve such emotional fightings. You will be able to see things clearer in the same situation by inputting the below findings. 

Is it something about the other that anyone can actually dislike, or whatever that is putting them down to the level where they can be “how they are to him or her” - Considering that the world is made of love, all of our emotions shall bring everything back to “love”. We love each other so much that we might want to be friends with anyone we meet. We will see anything that is disturbing it to happen as enemies. Are our enemies really them, or could it be what they are fighting as well? The desire to "get rid of someone" in spite that you are prioritizing other relationship and you don't like anyone to get disturbed, comes from zero-sum game, a very love-less, low mindset which has been believed to be essential for organizational behavior in competing workplaces. It is because you have to define you as a pure 1 person and another as another person, which can't be the case at all. One might have been stressed from something extremely unreasonable. You might not be doing any good work, so is anyone else. You might be the one with the power to control everything before putting all of your thoughts in the given patterns of competence. It is usually a desire to get rid of something that is in your way, or your laziness not dealing your colleagues' problem as yours which requires extra effort, courage, and the strategy to still win the game carrying the burdens of other employees. In conclusion, when you want to "get rid of someone" from your close relationship while you are constantly having the strong desire to make you unstoppably eager to grow and become a greater person, the right way to deal with it might be to see what's stopping others as your own issues and to tackle it in a group.The strong desire to "get rid of someone" wouldn't solve anything fundamental provided that anything can literally be a good opportunity for you that you and your subconscious has already ordered. (Please forgive me to be a little spiritual in this paragraph) When you have such desire, there should be a great gift on the other side of it.There are elements about you that only you can ever know but nobody else. Similarly, there are elements about you that only others can see in you. There are elements that you know but others don't, and there are elements that everyone can see in you including yourself. And most importantly, there are always parts of you who nobody could ever see or predict, yet. By drawing such thick lines between what others can tell you and yourself, you can be independent from any human relationship conflicts that make you feel emotionally unhappy.

Before ending this writing, I would like to tell anyone who has been reading this (thank you!) that I had gone through mental depressions, pressures to kill myself for false accusation (it is the very old conservative world where I am from!), talent and emotion suppression for others, while I keep working for 17 years. I know that the strict punishment could also cause self-serving vicious cycles to make you and your beloved ones go through harsh emotional feelings. It is already 2018, and the people are becoming more and more individual and as they change every day, organizational systems should be adjusted the time to time to keep up with the people, not the "trend" that's created by someone else anymore. It used to be that someone great starts something and majority follows, and some become their victims. Great stuff all have their victims like the politics, fashion, company, business... but now, today, the people are the ones back with the power and that's what the any business eventually needs.

The key to success, in my opinion, is to be responsible for any events that have happened in your life and keep faith in what you do.

Thanks for reading.

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