• Yukiko Sakata

"Money Problem" Mindset Tips For Entrepreneurs And Business People

This is to empower all the great creative entrepreneurs and business people struggling with financial insecurity by proposing the greater view points to the situation.

Do you always say you don't have enough money? - The world might hear that and actualize your world with less than enough money. The world is giving you something in return of what you offered. There should always be some sort of reflection if not loving giving. Your mental attachment to "receiving enough money" might be the one that you need to tackle first. SOLUTION - Believe that you have enough already. You should have enough, you just don't see it. All the miracles start from within. We believe in the money with numbers so hard that we can't hardly see the real value. Do you have a dollar but the toughest body and mind that can let you make billions of money anyway? Maybe you are already rich enough. Do you gain a lot monthly but never feel like living having to pay off your debts? Maybe you aren't rich but you are being chased by your debts. Your focus does create your world.Do you used to make money working for a company and now struggling with the startup hassle? - Great! Way to go! Your money and your first investment should disappear from your wallet anyway. Put more of yourself into your work so that it does work, and you will see the difference in yourself when you get paid, even little, from the times you were paid for what you have done to your company in your role. SOLUTION - Start measuring your emotional satisfaction as a part of gains, not just your visible results in your financial result. Take on more new happiness rather than the old habitual happy feeling. When you are back in the starting point, feel the difference in your heart from the time you were at the starting point. Do you see the same view? Do you relate to your family in the same way? Do you have a new vision? Are you scared or excited?Besides the numbers, do you feel rich or poor? - If you feel poor stressing yourself with the lack of money you see in comparison with the money you feel like you have to pay for the services you feel like you need to get, you are probably poor inside. With your dream and your idea, you can't feel poor, because your dream will come true. Your heart is filled with joy and happiness, and even when things are tough, that should be where your heart can come back to anytime. SOLUTION - Now is the chance to know what really you value the most. Try not to cling onto it, as you and the world keep changing. If you are surrounded by your teammates that you aren't good friends, this might be the good opportunities to get to know them and make friends. If you think that's not what you need but stands in your way, think of the parts inside of you that is wanting it to happen. You might want others to want you to know their value to the level that it gets too sticky to you. In such case, you are being a demanding ball wanting anything from anyone. Get yourself together, believe in your highest value, be fulfilled and happy, and know that you already have what you want and nothing is lacking.You can't do what you want to do because you don't have enough money? - Money shouldn't be the only reason that's stopping you from your dream. Maybe you are using money too much for your excuse. Maybe you haven't thought much about other reasons. What if you do have enough money? You should be able to do anything with or without anything. SOLUTION - Now is the chance to learn your communication with yourself and the others. If you are connected to the world as someone else but you, meaning that if you aren't strongly connected with yourself inside of yourself, as a wild animal or just the living creature having the power to live, the chances are that you are not being what you are. Then the frustration you have isn't the money, but the fake persona you are wearing for the sake of your social and your professional life. Having no money is a great chance to really force yourself to get back to the core of yourself, because if you can be the full of yourself with the greatest expression of yourself, money or anything materials wouldn't be a problem.You are ashamed of your financial situation. - It might sound decent and even good to feel ashamed of your result if it does not meet your goal, but it should not put you down too much. However, in this situation, you are having such emotion for social purpose, too. Your agreed social rules and standards can judge you. However, without any standards, having financial difficulties is acceptable. It just means that you don't carry much "currency" with you like others. Doesn't sound great, but... you don't have to live in the rule that make you ashamed and valueless. - SOLUTION - Forgive yourself, and forgive everything. Believe in your highest value. The possibilities are that you are in the middle of your transformation and you need to change the way you are connected to money. For example, for entrepreneurs, money isn't something that others give to them, but it could be more like something they generate. It requires the total different mindset, and the total different relationship with money. People are scared of having no value because it does take away so much mental power. If your belief is feeling valueless, you can choose something else, or create your own.

Financial problems give you the chance to be richer with the greatest expression of yourself only if you accept it and use it for your transformation.

Plus if not having enough money is giving you headache, and your work is giving you neck-ache, you might be going in the wrong direction. Then the problem isn't money, but your direction. We can even appreciate the sign "money" gives to us, which could be the reason many of the people in the world can't get out of the money crisis. So I would say the last one is, to let go of the benefit of "not having money". You can think of your direction by yourself perfectly, and you can control your life perfectly. Your life shouldn't be so threatened by "not having money". You are perfect just the way you are.

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