• Yukiko Sakata

To Kick Out The Existing Stage And To "Go Beyond" ~ Mindset Transformation

To go beyond something almost sounds like the trending term. I first heard it in a way that it is emphasized at a creative agency and here is what really it is to really “go beyond” in my opinion. 

To have another additional axis to be on the upper dimensional stage to have freedom in the limit, or to be on the wider dimensional stage, or the deeper dimensional stage.

When we say to go beyond something, we usually mean to bypass it, overpass it, get ahead of it or to be something that is on the whole other level above it. It is however not to control it to be beyond it. It should not be compared like that or to be controlled. The fact that it's not on your hand means that you are not seeing everything of it given that the world is infinite according to the modern mathematical philosophy about the 10th and the final dimensional world. There should be no such rules like a cookie should stay a cookie unless being eaten or going rotten. It really could be anything or it might not even exist.

1st dimension - line and dots with no freedom of width, height or depth2nd dimension - x and y axis shaping flat pictures with no freedom of height or depth3rd dimension - x, y and z axis shaping 3D world with no freedom of time4th dimension - x, y, z and time axis shaping the world with no freedom of possible other worlds5th dimension - x, y, z, time and another possible parallel world starting from the same point - the Big Ban6th dimension - x, y, z, time and all the possible parallel worlds starting from the same point - the Big Ban7th dimension - x, y, z, time, the possible parallel worlds with another possible starting point8th dimension - x, y, z, time and all the possible parallel worlds with all the possible starting points

How about creating another axis of consciousness beyond individual and expand one's idea throughout the other people? It might sound freaky, but it should be possible because where there is a group conscious belief, there is a certain effectivity of it, and there are people believing it getting developed together with other members of the group. It will let you go beyond your existing business and have different perspectives like marketing with the multiple targets, to expand and to grow. What this lets you get over is the limit of individual, and the ego he/she can have over other people because in the group mindset, one is nothing but a member of the group, which then proves that what one can do is achievable by other members that usually conflicts with the ego that he/she tends to have in the world consists of competition. This will then let you go beyond the competitive idea between individuals and drive directly toward your bigger goals which should be your greater happiness.

To go beyond the physical limits, one can add another axis of something that the idea based on physics can only see the tip of or can't see. From time to time, some patients get hospitalized from the negative checkup results and get cured at the strange timing like right before the planned surgery. In such case, the mental condition transitions before and after they get hospitalized and the stress hormone activities might have done too good jobs, but it still remain sounding mysterious indeed. This can leads us to go deeper about the mystery of spirituality and conclude that the different spirits of their past lives or ancestors might be affecting them while they get healed by replaying their life stories in their bodies. Patients who got successfully transplanted organs can take after the characteristics of the previous owner of those donated organs. This is also another mystery beyond the law of physics.

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